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conflict & resolution

hello lovelies. i hope all of you are safe and making sure you’re taking care of yourselves. things have gotten ugly and even more frightening in the past week or so across this country, so i thought i’d address a bit of what’s going on. the fact of the matter is that 2020 is probably … Continue reading conflict & resolution

to my pre-quarantine self

dear march me, the first thing to realize is that this will be far more complicated, far more emotionally draining than you ever imagined. it will be hard, and it will last so much longer than you imagined. your sophomore year spent on campus is over. your biggest performances for the spring will be cancelled. … Continue reading to my pre-quarantine self

lit collection #4

hello, loves. i hope may is treating you well, and that perhaps you’ve been able to have some more time with those you love. i had the opportunity to spend time with my best friend and her family last night, which was absolutely wonderful, as i hadn’t seen most of them since december. i spent … Continue reading lit collection #4