lit collection #4

hello, loves. i hope may is treating you well, and that perhaps you’ve been able to have some more time with those you love. i had the opportunity to spend time with my best friend and her family last night, which was absolutely wonderful, as i hadn’t seen most of them since december. i spent a lot of time with her little siblings, before she and i spent about two hours reminiscing about how we’d met and everything that’s happened these past couple years. i’ve really missed seeing them, and going to their house always brings me so much joy.

tonight i have some lit i’ve collected these past couple weeks. what with finishing up school and finalizing summer plans, things have been a bit chaotic, but i’ve still been able to rummage up some respectable words to share. 🙂

((a quick note: several of these are actually song lyrics i’ve selected))

-“least of all,” natalie wee (probably my favorite tidbit recently)
-“a better son/daughter,” rilo kiley
perhaps the world ends here, joy narjo
-“hello my old heart,” the oh hellos
hatred of women, cassandra troyan
-“someone to you,” banners
-“hardest of hearts,” florence+the machine
the more loving one, w.h. auden

and so is the lit collection for the week. i hope each of you are finding comfort and peace in your corner of this crazy world we share.

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