conflict & resolution

hello lovelies. i hope all of you are safe and making sure you’re taking care of yourselves. things have gotten ugly and even more frightening in the past week or so across this country, so i thought i’d address a bit of what’s going on.

the fact of the matter is that 2020 is probably gonna go down in history as just a really bad year. maybe things will change, but so far we’ve almost went into wwiii, a worldwide pandemic/quarantine has shut down nations and claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, and now protests are tearing cities apart. and so much of this is caused by humanity.

as i watch videos and read about the anger and frustration that’s being expressed right now, i feel a lot of sympathy for people on both sides, but i feel that no matter what, violence isn’t the answer. looting people’s businesses isn’t the answer. when there’s a problem, we need a solution, and some of what’s going on isn’t solution-oriented, but is rather focusing on hatred and pain. much of the protesting in my area has been non-violent, and i’m grateful for that.

so much of this issue has been polarized that it’s hard to find the right side of human decency. every life obviously matters, of course black lives matter, and george floyd’s death is absolutely a tragedy with factors that should have never happened. but generalizing a whole group of people by saying “a.c.a.b.” does nothing more than destroy and tear apart people further. as i heard someone say recently- every uniform has a human being underneath it, and the uniform doesn’t make a person a murderer, just like the color of a person’s skin, or their uniform, doesn’t make them a criminal.

there are problems that need to be resolved. but if there’s one thing that americans have always been good at, its coming together to find a solution. if we can put a man on the moon, if we can recover from a tragedy such as 9/11, then we can find a solution for this problem without hurting each other. without generalizing either group. we need to find a way too look beyond party membership and staking out our own sides in the argument and realize what being human is all about.

another important thing to remember is that nothing lasts forever. things won’t always be as chaotic and painful and confusing as they are now. i’ve seen hope and beauty spring up from horrible situations countless times- whether it be in a small way, or in a way that touches the world. something good is always coming, and even now i see humanity taking small steps to love each other, to take care of each other and look beyond our differences.

this isn’t the end. all is never lost, and i believe that eventually, we will make sense of the conflict that’s going on right now.

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