the blog

a wider dawn was created during the spring of 2020 as a space for expression. it exists as an outlet for emotions, passions, and opinions in the form of literature and writing.

but this blog also exists to inspire others.

i believe that humanity shares experiences. that words are a beautiful way to share these experiences, to let each other know that we’re not alone. to share our stories, to share ourselves.

to find pieces of ourselves in others, to make sense of our own identities.

every human life holds innate value, and every human life deserves expression and connection.

a wider dawn isn’t just for me. my hope is that it will inspire others, both to share themselves in a way that’s helpful for them and to see a bit themselves in these words.

the most important goal i have in writing is to be genuine. i crave honesty and sincerity and i hope to express myself in a way that’s genuine, while not exposing myself or those i love to harm. i believe that so much of life is spent in hiding ourselves, and that even sharing one story can make an incredible difference.

i believe there’s always beauty to be found in the world. in nature, in passion, in humanity. in feeling, in hope, in devastation. there’s always beauty. no matter what.

i hope you’ll stick around.

the human

hi there.

i began blogging at the age of thirteen, starting a blog to publicize a book that i was hoping to publish within the next year. the book was published, the blog posts written.

in the past couple years, a lot of things have happened in my life to change me. my life and personality has changed dramatically, i began to express the amazing things i was beginning to feel and see in the beautiful world around me. my writing style changed to reflect this. hence this blog was formed.

i’m passionate about a lot of things- but writing and literature are at the top of the list. i write and collect words in the same way i think- obsessively, constantly. nature is my first love, and an overwhelming passion for people engulfs my life everyday. i’m a performer in multiple facets, but i’m deeply introverted. i’m opinionated, but often my opinions aren’t what people would expect.

my writing style is mostly poetic prose. much of my writing doesn’t follow much of a specific form, but rather follows my own emotions and impressions.

i write under one name, but people know me as many things.

my mission is to inspire, to let people know they’re not alone in what they feel. to let others know that an outlet is important, and literature is beautiful way of expression. to help remind others of their worth, and how life, in and of itself, is a wonderful miracle.

i hope you’ll join me.