may moments (+lit collection #3)

hello there, lovelies. consistency is not my strong point when it comes to blogging. it’s been two weeks since i last posted, but i’m okay with that because i’ve still been productive in other areas.

may, when flowers become so profuse in the fields where i dance, when columbine blooms violently across graves. when the sunset becomes wonderfully golden, not sulky red and pink, but golden as it shines on my raptured face.

-g.m. (5/1/2020)

i’ve done quite a bit of personal writing in the past week, in addition to accumulating a nice collection of lit. over the past week, i wrapped up my spring semester college classes (doing both final projects the day they were due), and planted my garden. this weekend was well over 80 degrees for me, so i took a walk down to the river near where i live.

my state begins reopening friday, but school was officially moved to online for the rest of the year. i start new summer classes in about two weeks, and then wrap up my high school classes the next week. hopefully things will be getting back to some semblance of order and normality soon.

on to the lit collection…

the wasteland, t.s. eliot
-“tulips” by sylvia plath
-“mad girl’s love song” by sylvia plath

my own personal writing took off a bit this past couple days, so here’s a little tidbit i wrote last week.

contradictions: tracking poems, xxviii, adrienne rich
-“letter to the past after long silence,” sarah murphy

i’ll hopefully be posting the rest of the pieces i discovered in the next couple days. i hope all of you are doing well, loves. i hope you’re finding what you need inside of yourself, letting people love you as much as you love them.

irrepressible beauty

tonight my vision was obscured by the vivid glare of the sun as i danced in a field of my childhood. ever since i was six or seven, this field has been a place i’ve gone to to let my feelings out. when i was little, i would play tag there with one of my friends, and i’ve watched the sunset there obsessively, especially in the spring.

today was the first time i’ve been able to go there this spring. and it was even more beautiful than i remembered.

tonight i drove down one of the backroads near my house with the windows down, singing my favorite songs. i had the opportunity to visit the grave of a friend, as well as another cemetery, where phlox and candytuft were blooming in profusion.

when i got home, i laid in the grass and watched as the the sky turned into a violet haze.

i’m drunk on the beauty of this life, even now. i’m drunk on love, and how it makes us endlessly foolish. on how the sky never looks the same in this place i love. the way i’m crying, thinking about the beautiful things this world has to offer, the beautiful things i’ve known and seen, even after everything.

sometimes i forget how to live, but not today. not right now.

i have hope. hope that things will become free again. that i will live a life i love, that the universe will fall into place exactly the way we need it.

i wish you a life of beauty, loves. i wish you a life of boundless, irrepressible hope.

even in our worst moments.